Rapid Relief Team

Inspired by community spirit and the gift of giving, a steady movement of volunteer efforts across the globe developed into a committed charitable organisation now known as the Rapid Relief Team (RRT). Established in 2013, RRT believes in expressing the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) scriptural principles of care and compassion. We express these values while we serve those in need with quality food and refreshment. Everywhere we go, our league of volunteers operates with community spirit, compassionate care and supportive hands. RRT offers quality catering assistance to charitable and government organisations confronting some of humankinds greatest challenges, including natural disasters, heart disease, cancer research and the plight of the homeless. Across the globe, we are mobilised and ready to respond where we are needed most.

Global Operations The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is a global charitable organisation with teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, North and South America, the Carribean, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. Our teams are mainly comprised of volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. We have replicated our Organisational Chart in every region globally to ensure uniformity across our operations. Our teams are generally of a similar size and work to a consistent standard with established protocols. Without our volunteers – there wouldn’t be a Rapid Relief Team. Our volunteers operate from the heart, devoting spare time from their very busy schedules to serve communities with compassion in crisis. Our volunteers are ambassadors of good will – working toward the greater good while treating people from all walks of life with equal consideration and respect. Beneath our humble tents, people from all stations in life seek shelter and commune in times of crisis. RRT teams are ready for the unexpected. When natural disasters strike, RRT are at the behest of government emergency services to offer support to those affected by adversity. The focus of our support is (but is not limited to) quality catering. Our labour force is structured, trained and willing to contribute to reducing suffering and loss in times of need. RRT actively supports many honourable charitable organisations across the globe through fundraising events of our own, or via catering support at government or charity events. Charities that help fund cancer research, heart disease, youth, disabilities and homelessness are beneficiaries of our resources.

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