Leeton Connect

Leeton Connect was established in 2019 to connect the Leeton Community via networking, participation, up-skilling, capacity building, collaboration and inclusion.

Due to COVID-19, Leeton Connect identified the need for a project  Leeton Connects with Kindness to support people who are experiencing hardships or in self-isolation during the pandemic, particularly those who are elderly, disabled and/or immunocompromised. Leeton Connects with Kindness is a platform where people can feel safe asking for support, where they can offer their services and share valuable resources that in turn connect people, companies, agencies and volunteers in order to solve problems or close gaps as they arise. Shortly, all residents in Leeton will receive a flyer and form in their letter boxes from Leeton Connects with Kindness. If you're in need of support or can provide assistance in any way, please complete the form and Leeton Connect will organise collection if necessary. If you don't have any immediate needs right now, feel free to hold onto the form, for completion at a later date.

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  • Street Address

    45 Pine Avenue
    Leeton New South Wales 2705, Australia

  • Postal Address

    45 Pine Avenue
    Leeton New South Wales 2705, Australia

  • Contact Details

    (04) 4853-5004

    (04) 4853-5004



  • Additional Contact(s)

    Tony Reneker   Board Member

    (04) 4853-5004

    Sue Gavel   Chairperson

    (04) 2753-3863

  • Volunteers Required

    Volunteers Required

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