ParentsNext is for parents who have a child under 6 years of age, have not had paid work in the last 6 months, and have been getting the Parenting Payment for the last 6 months. ParentsNext helps parents of young children to prepare to return to work or training once their youngest child goes to school. We help parents to set their education- and employment-related goals, and develop a pathway to achieving their goals while also helping them link with services and activities in their local community.

There are many benefits for you by participating in ParentsNext. ParentsNext consultants work with parents and carers to help build confidence, develop skills and access local support and services to plan for the future.

Parents and carers don’t need to start looking for a job while in the program. Taking part in ParentsNext will put them in a better position to act on opportunities when the time is right.

ParentsNext is an Australian Government support program to help you plan your next steps towards study or work.





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