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The Justice Advocacy Service (JAS) supports young people and adults with cognitive impairment in contact with the NSW criminal justice system, including as victims, witnesses and suspects/defendants to exercise their rights and fully participate in the process.

As per the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 (NSW) cognitive impairment includes (without limitation) any of the following: - intellectual disability - borderline intellectual functioning - dementia - acquired brain injury - drug or alcohol related brain damage, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - autism spectrum disorder. We use an individual advocacy approach by arranging a support person to be with victims, witnesses and suspects/defendants when they are in contact with police, courts and legal representatives. JAS is available to victims, witnesses and suspects/defendants in contact with the NSW criminal justice system who may have a cognitive impairment. A potential client does not need to provide evidence of cognitive impairment to access the service. If police, court, legal representatives, correctional officers or other stakeholder believes the person may have a cognitive impairment, a referral can be made by calling JAS on 1300 665 908.

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