Lysn helps you find your best-fit psychologist. We believe in the importance of matching you
with the right psychologist, so you can become the best possible person you can be. Lysn provides you with online tools to help you improve your mental health. Telehealth & Face-to-Face, Learning Centre, Dashboard & Tools, Assessments, Booking System, Interactive Content, Best-Fit Matching System, Low Fees. Lysn provides face-to-face, phone and video consultations. Online psychology, via video & phone consultations, saves you time and gives you access to your first choice of qualified Australian psychologists no matter where you are.   1. See a GP (Optional) To qualify for 10 bulk billed sessions under Medicare, you need a mental health care plan referral from your GP. Alternatively, you can just pay as you go for any sessions you book. 2. Learn Utilise our educational videos and assessment tools to learn more about mental health. Find out what resonates most with your personal experience. Use our matching system to find your best-fit psychologist. 3. Get Help Connect with a psychologist for an individualised and tailored personal support plan. We will support you to achieve your goals and work toward optimal wellbeing.

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Our social responsibility

At Lysn, we believe in not only improving mental health in our patients and clinicians but also helping the wider community with overall wellbeing.

It is our responsibility to create change for all Australians. We do this by donating:

 1% of profit to mental health charities in our community.

 1% of employee time allocated for volunteering to support mental health charities.

 1% of consults provided free for people in need.

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